Complete Custom Performance Management System Design

– Program Evaluation/
Outcomes Development

– Organizational Review
and Assessment

– Accreditation and Licensing Support

 Web Based Data Base Implementation and Reconfiguration

– ETO™ Implementation

– ETO Legacy Conversion to TouchPoints

 Custom Report Building

– Custom Report Recreation and Usability

– Archeological Reporting after a Key Event or Climate Shift

 Technical Assistance
and Support

– Data Migration

– System Administration Services

 Content Mastery Training and Team Building

– Change Management Strategies

– Executive Coaching

– Mediation Services




Exact Change Strategies (ECS) is a dynamic, forward-thinking company focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. Utilizing an agile, accurate and accelerated methodology that begins with envisioning, our proven approach allows customers to create, build and realize their strategic vision. ECS’s highly skilled, creative team members bring subject matter expertise (SME) and key information into the development cycle to drive tangible ROI critical for business success.

Our well-trained professionals are dedicated to your business and focused on your bottom line. ECS’s process carefully assesses your organization’s capabilities to produce fast and agile results, shorten timelines and achieve your objectives by working directly with your team. ECS will help you execute your strategic goals, create process improvement strategies, and track progress through managing and coordinating scalability and standardization to produce comprehensive benefits and compelling, effective results.

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“ECS is very responsive and very helpful. Quickly caught on to what we were looking for. Always ready to answer any questions and make any changes that need to be made… or reach out to the software vendor if we had any hiccups with the system. Very thorough, explaining what went into our reports while spotting any mistakes and providing feedback to make them better.”

– Branches, Inc. Miami, FL




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